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eXOsports is a turnkey e-commerce and licensed product operation focused on the sports field. We specialize in providing e-commerce solutions, creating and producing licensed sports apparel, and operating on-site sporting goods concessions. A partial listing of our range of services includes:
Site Design & Development, including product photography, description, etc.
Design, sourcing, production and distribution of Licensed sports apparel
Fulfillment Services (Pick, Pack and Ship)
Bi-lingual Customer Service (e-mail and phone customer service and order taking)
Custom development and programming - Yahoo Store Approved Developer
Email, Online and Database Marketing
Extensive experience with the Hispanic online market
Extensive experience with the Soccer Market, both wholesale and retail

Featured Stores/Past and Present Clients

US Soccer Oakland Raiders
Golden State Warriors Maui Marathon Compras Tote Le Monde Salt Lake City Marathon Los Angeles Marathon
The official store of the LA Marathon


Our shipping facilities operate out of Harbor City in Southern California.
eXOsports:: 1632 240th Street :: Harbor City CA 90710 :: 415-946-8050 :: 415-896-5744 [F]